Welcome to the Lancaster Herpetological Society.  We are a group of reptile and amphibian enthusiasts.  We get together on the third Friday of each month at 7pm.  Our free meetings include expert speakers, guided nature walks, and socials.  Meeting topics vary between research, conservation, husbandry, and basic herp education.  Our club is open to all folks curious about cold-blooded creatures!  We hope you can join us!

Club bylaws

Lancaster Herpetological Society Board Members

Dave McNaughton, President – Dave@lancasterherp.org

Jesse Rothacker, Vice President and Press Contact – Jesse@lancasterherp.org

Monica Bortz, Secretary – Monica@LancasterHerp.org

Chris Bortz, Media Director – Chris@lancasterherp.org

Roy Mellott, Treasurer

Kelsey Frey, Board Member – kelsey@lancasterherp.org 

Pam Hartmoyer , Board Member – Pam@LancasterHerp.org

 Kent Hartmoyer, Board Member

Board Members Kent, Kelsey, and Dave.

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