January 17: Stories with Jesse Rothacker – Reptile Rescuer and Class Clown


January 11, 2020 by lancasterherp

We are pleased to host a story hour with Jesse, who founded Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary in 2004, and was a founding board member of LHS in 2005. Sharing his house with more than 100 herps and 3 other humans, he doesn’t have to go very far to find a story, like the time he forgot to tell his wife that he left an alligator in the bath tub. Jesse works full time providing environmental education lectures with live snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodilians. He has adopted the “laugh and learn” philosophy to life, and also describes his herpetology programs as reptile comedy shows for all ages. Whether he’s assisting law enforcement with loose pythons, helping landlords capture abandoned boa constrictors, or leading preschoolers in snake-style belly races, there’s usually a valuable lesson and a few laughs. Come join us this month for some unforgettable reptile rescue stories with our group’s own fearless leader, Jesse Rothacker.


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