Past Meeting Feb 2020: 15 Years of the Lancaster Herpetological Society


February 23, 2020 by lancasterherp

The Lancaster Herpetological Society wants to thank everyone that came to the North Museum on Friday to commemorate 15 years of the Herpetological Society!

It was an exciting evening hearing the voices of many of those who helped make the Society what it is today. Adam Darrenkamp, who started the club in 2005, was able to Skype in from Austin, Texas to give a few words about starting the group. He noticed the wealth of animal-focused groups in the area, but really wanted something that celebrated reptiles and amphibians. He set the gears in motion and the Lancaster Herpetological Society was born. And while Adam started it, it was Kathy Tyson who really made sure that the club was a success, scheduling all of the speakers and making sure things ran smoothly, harnessing her considerable experience from her involvement in many other nature groups.

Adam Darrenkamp talking to the group, all the way from Austin, Texas!

Lots of pictures from past events were shared, really touching on some of the amazing things the club has been a part of over the years. Kyle Mays drove all the way from his current home in West Virginia to share some stories. He related how talking to a speaker at the club landed him a job at the Baltimore Aquarium for a number of years, giving him a wealth of incredible experiences. Kyle was not the only person from West Virginia who made the trek to be in attendance (thanks Sam Bearinger)! Herpetology fans really are a dedicated group of people!

The meeting was very well attended!

And to make the night even more interesting, Jack Hubley made an appearance with some of his birds of prey! Jack helped get the Society on its feet 15 years ago and has been a big supporter of it over the years. And while some might wonder why Jack brought along his birds to the meeting, one has to remember that birds are descendants of reptiles!

Jack and his red-tailed hawk in solemn reflection.

The meeting was a great reminder of the passion of herpetology enthusiasts and of the great things they can do when they set their minds to it. Here’s hoping that the group has another 15 years in it!

If you could not make it to the meeting, make sure to come out next month to hear David Hand talk about Marbled Salamanders! The meeting will be on March 20th at the North Museum, 7pm-9pm. It promises to be an exciting night, and one you will not want to miss.

-Gregory Wier


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