Past Meeting, Jul 2020: Critter Encounter


July 19, 2020 by lancasterherp

The Lancaster Herpetological Society (LHS) wants to thank everyone who attended our third digital meeting on Friday using Zoom! As a first, it was broadcasted on Facebook, as well.

Jesse joined us from the wilds of his home. His wide grin is undoubtedly due to his pleasure at getting the green screen to work.

This month’s meeting was a virtual Critter Encounter where everyone was able to share some of their scaly companions via their web cameras. A few highlights: Barry shared his spider-morph ball python, Sheba, and told how she helped win the hearts of his entire block. Colin of the YouTube channel Colin’s Crazy Creatures stopped by to show us his carpet python and a crested gecko. Our treasurer Roy shared his venerable blue-tongued skink, Bane, who has been with him for 23 years! Makayla shared a wonderful axanthic ball python named Camo, whose color pattern contributed to his name!

Roy and Bane, the blue tongued skink

Thanks again for all who attended the meeting. Stay tuned for more information about next month’s meeting of the Lancaster Herpetological Society, which will be on August 21st at 7pm EST. It remains to be determined whether it will be in person or digital, though it will likely be digital.

Remember to check out Colin’s Crazy Creatures on YouTube!

-Gregory Wier


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