Past Meeting, Aug 2020: Nature walk at the Northwest River Trail


August 23, 2020 by lancasterherp

The Lancaster Herpetological Society (LHS) wants to thank everyone who made it out to the Northwest River Trail on Friday evening for our first in-person (albeit socially-distanced) meeting in months.

With the days starting to get shorter, we only had about an hour of walking the paved trail before it was dark, but that was still enough time to see lots of great sights. And when it finally did get dark, a lot of the herps started to come out. We ended up seeing a handful of American toads, a large bullfrog, a green frog, and a milk snake!

A wonderful view out towards the mighty Susquehanna River!
Mother Nature always finds a way to make you feel humble!
The American Toad was the most common herp that we came across on the excursion.
The highlight of the evening was finding this milk snake!
In all of Jesse’s treks on this particular trail, this was the first time he has come across a milk snake!
The evening came upon us much too soon for our liking, but there was even beauty in that!

Thanks again to everyone who was able to come to the meeting. Stay tuned for more information about next month’s meeting of the Lancaster Herpetological Society, which will be on September 18th at 7pm EST.

-Gregory Wier


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