Spring Amphibian Migration is here!


March 17, 2022 by lancasterherp

Spring is only a few days away, and the weather is getting warmer. Any warm, rainy evening will see frogs, toads, and salamanders migrating to vernal pools and other water sources to breed. This often forces them to cross roadways, putting them into danger. If you are in need of something to do on a rainy evening, you could go to roadways near water sources, like the those around Overlook Park, and help escort slippery friends to safety. Please be mindful of your own safety, and make sure to move any liberated creature across the road in the direction they were travelling.

Below are some images that Anne Esbenshade captured last week when she went out to aid some amphibians on their quest to vernal pools!

The Spotted Salamanders were out in force!
A diminutive Spring Peeper that is ready for the arrival of spring.
The vernal pools are alive with activity!

I hope that you can do your part to save the lives of some amphibians this Spring!

-Gregory Wier


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