Past Meeting, July 2022: Birdsboro Reservoir


July 16, 2022 by lancasterherp

The Lancaster Herpetological Society (LHS) wants to thank everyone who made it to the nature walk this Friday at the Birdsboro Reservoir!

The walk was along the Hay Creek in Berks County, and up to the Birdsboro Reservoir. Pennsylvania Route 82 had once run beside the Hay Creek and through Birdsboro, though heavy rainfall in September 1987 caused the creek to flood and resulted in the destruction of numerous bridges in the area. Those bridges were never repaired and the stretch of Route 82 was eventually closed to vehicle traffic. It is now a popular area for hikers, naturalists, and herpers! LHS member CJ Lumis lives in the area and graciously volunteered to show us some of his favorite places to find snakes.

Jesse Rothacker and a Copperhead snake that was found amongst some rocks at the parking area! The snake was safely wrangled with a snake hook, and everyone made special effort to keep out of its striking zone. It was a very mellow snake, never once taking up a defensive posture.
Since this stretch of Route 82 no longer sees vehicle traffic, it is subjected to a lot of graffiti.
The creek is home to a plethora of delightful creatures, including this Green Frog!
The reservoir was a tranquil and peaceful scene as the evening approached.
An impressive host of trees stands proudly, directly at the edge of the reservoir.
Numerous Garter Snakes were found throughout the night, including this one under the careful watch of Anne Esbenshade.
The final snake of the evening was this Copperhead found in a collection of rocks by the creek, just as it was starting to get dark.

Once again, we are grateful to everyone who was able to make to the nature walk, and for CJ’s help. Even though we did not have too much time before darkness fell upon us, we were still able to find a bunch of snakes, including two Copperheads. Stay tuned for word of next month’s nature walk, which will be at the NW Lancaster County River Trail.

-Greg Wier


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