header_graphic_usgsIdentifier_whiteAmphibian Chytrid Disinfection Protocol  US Geological Survey’s recommendations for disinfection before and after handling of frogs and other amphibians.  We recommend using these techniques anytime you are herping around wetlands or bodies of water.


Forgotten Friend LogoForgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary This is our local and trusted reptile rescue.  See the website for an adoption forum and info about adopting or giving up a pet reptile.


keystonex100PA Fish and Boat Commission Reptile and Amphibian Resources  Find helpful PDFs and fact sheets about PAs native reptile and amphibians.


paherpslogoPA Herp Identification  Not sure what you found? Wondering who lives in your garage?  Wonder which frog is making that sound?  Check out these great photos and descriptions of PA’s native herps.  Best online reptile and amphibian field guide for Pennsylvania.


pars-logoPARS- PA Amphibian and Reptile Survey  Submit your reptile and amphibian sightings!  It’s fun!  See what critters are being spotted throughout Pennsylvania.


keystonex100PA State Reptile and Amphibian Laws  Should you take home an animal you found at the park or crossing the road?  Check out PA’s laws first.  That animal might be rare and protected.  Always leave it be to help PA’s herps.